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A GNU Emacs package which enable you to group your buffers into tasks so that when you switch buffer, the whole task is restored. A task is essentially associed to a window configuration, so changing buffer restores the window-configuration. It is particuliary useful if you use ERC or gnus for instance: C-x b #emacs, and you can see your 4 ERC buffers in the split-in-4 screen you've set. C-x b .emacs, and you returns in the one-window screen editing your .emacs.


Task mode version 0.8rc1
Many bugs have been fixed (thanks to Stefan Reichör), but I need to do some deeper changes to improve task-mode. In next release, buffers will be able to belong to several tasks.

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Racin's rip

This tool is a console-line frontend to mencoder. It helps you select the goof options for having a very high quality encoding. It il also capable of generating some sample of the thing you want to encode so that you select the best options.


Current status
Soon available too! All the necessary parts are working, I only need some final tests.


A PHP library. It gives some interesting features which enable a quick and clean developpement when you have to write a website very tied to a database. You don't even have to know PHP to be able to use it basically.


Current status
Need a little cleanup, and to add a LDAP support. Need some testing too.

Inside the Hurd

It is the project of a book which describes the internal of the Hurd operating system. (Currently it's in french)


Continuous Public Release
I think it need some review, all commentaries welcome! I should transate it into English and add a part on l4. If you make modifications, please do it from the texinfo file(
pub/the-hurd-os/the-hurd-os.texi) and send me patches in unified format (diff -u) NB: I don't mark the versions number, so this document is periodically updated.


The Fibonacci translator

It is a recursive GNU Hurd translator.


Fibonacci 0.3 released
The same nasty bug subsist: ls does not work. cd and cat work, though.


CD Catalog

My first perl program. I don't remember many things about it.


CDCatalog released